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Our company is dedicated to the mission of bringing the true essence and character of Napa Valley´s wines to the world. We produce approachable, full-bodied, well-balanced wines at affordable prices, whether you’re interested in a wine for everyday drinking or one to purchase as a special gift – we can accommodate you and direct you to the perfect choice.

The varied micro-climate and soils of different California appellation produce a wide range of distinctive flavors. In addition, each vintner implements his own artisan technique, individual barrel selection, and application of fermentation and microbiology, which produces a great array of stylized wines. Consequently, we are pleased to offer a broad variety of wines, each possessing their own unique character and texture. Our winery is located in Rutherford, the heart of Napa Valley. It’s here that our skilled vintners persuade the true temperament and soul of our wines into reality.

All of our wine brands are fruit-forward, easy to drink, and food friendly – perfect for everyday celebrations. The cornerstones of our portfolio are the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varietals. We believe in good friends and goof times made possible with great wines that are delicious on their own or are perfect companion to food.

We’re glad you dropped by, please stay a while and learn more about Grand Napa Vineyards’ wines, the various appellations of Napa Valley, and our winemaking philosophy. 

Our Land

The Napa Valley region is located 50 miles north of San Francisco, California and is bounded on both sides by mountains – the Vacas on the east and Mayacamas on the West. The valley’s topography changes dramatically from windswept flats in the north to the confines of mountains in the south. As a result of millions of years of geologic events such as the earth’s shifting crust, volcanic activity, and the deposition of sediment by changing sea levels, the valley has some 30 different soil types.

The growing season in Napa Valley is characterized by warm, dry days and cool evenings, and is influenced by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. This weather allows grapes to ripen slowly and evenly. Within the appellation, however, there are distinct micro-climates ranging from a moderate climate with cool marine breezes to warmer temperatures with more rainfall.

Our Wines

The combination of these deep, fertile soils and a maritime climate of warm days and cool evenings produce grapes of outstanding intensity, complexity and balance. The art of matching the right grape to the right soil and climate yields diverse wines, each with their own unique characteristics. Because of many microclimates and terrains within the Napa Valley appellation itself, 14 distinct subappellation or AVAs have been granted. The extraordinary choice of wines range from concentrated Cabernet Sauvignons to creamy Chardonnays, but Cabernet Sauvignon is recognized as the king.


(Credit: Vivino)

Aromas of blackberry, blue fruited, concentrated and everything you would expect from Rutherford Cabernet. Soft developed tannins. 


a surprising standout from a producer i dont know much about. definitely worth digging for more info. 


This Rutherford Cabernet is drinking wonderful now after 1 hour of decanting. Fruit and tannins well integrated, can't wait to see how this one ages.


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